I'm Ilya

UI / UX Designer with web development skills and 10 years of experience creating interfaces, making them better and easier to enjoy

Ilya Zdorik | designer

Design is my passion. I fell in love with digital graphics when I first opened Photoshop and have been learning something new every day ever since because I still think there’s more for me to learn.

Design for me is primarily a thought process. I like to create solutions for complex systems in favor of user convenience and the attractiveness of the interface.



  • Scouting User Needs & Research

  • Market Validation

  • Design Audits

  • Conceptualisation

  • Opportunity Mapping & Wireframing


  • Naming & Identity

  • Emotional Marketing

  • Brand Positioning

  • Immersive Experiences

  • Brand Experiences & Innovation


  • Digital Prototyping

  • UI/UX Design

  • Interface Interaction

  • Logo Design & Style Guides

  • Graphic Design

Design paradigm

These quotes will best describe the basis of my position

A Definition of Design and the Function Complex

The wheel's hub holds thirty spokes
Utility depends on the hole through the hub.
The potter's clay forms a vessel.
It is the space within that serves.
A house is built with solid walls
The nothingness of window and door alone
renders it usable,
That which exists may be transformed
What is non-existent has boundless uses.


All men are designers. All that we do, almost all the time, is design, for design is basic to all human activity. The planning and patterning of any act towards a desired, foreseeable end constitutes the design process. Any attempt to separate design, to make it a thing-by-itself, works counter to the inherent value, of design as the primary underlying matrix of life. Design is composing an epic poem, executing a mural, painting a masterpiece, writing a concerto. But design is also cleaning and reorganizing a desk drawer, pulling an impacted tooth, baking an apple pie, choosing sides for a back-lot baseball game, and educating a child. Design is the conscious effort to impose meaningful order.

Victor Papanek
Source: Design for the Real World: Human Ecology and Social Change

Few facts about me

I have a cat

I picked him up last year and since he lives with me

"I'm comfortable"

My first hobby was photography

But I retouched them more than I photographed. Made precious moments to the newlyweds brighter

Like movies

I know a lot about cinematography. But I haven't seen ALL yet ...

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